Steven's Mother

See how Steven surprised his mother with a gift he'll never forget.

Q: What was the reason for purchasing the pillow?

A: This pillow was to commemorate my mothers conure (bird) that passed away after 30 years of ownership and she missed it so dearly and cries everyday. My mom is 84 yrs old and the bird was like her companion. Now she has the pillow which she hugs and cuddles with everyday. It made her so happy. 

Q: What was the reaction like when the pillow was first seen?

A: She was in shock, surprised and then cried with happiness

Q: Can you describe the impact the pillow has brought after it was been gifted?

A: She sits with it on the couch everyday and hugs the pillow several times a day.

Q: Would you recommend our custom pillows? And why?

A: I would highly recommend your pillows, they are high quality and just amazing. I have already purchased 2 others.

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