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Small 16" Shaped
Medium 24" Shaped
Large 32" Shaped

*Note: Images in the examples above are not what your pillow would look like.

These are just to showcase sizes. Each pillow design is unique and made to order.

Select any photo from your device. 

See how to choose a photo See how to choose a photo
Review your free mockup to see what your pillow would look like.
Your pillow is made and shipped directly to you.
What kinds of images can I use?

Images of anything really. A pet, person, food, favorite sports team logo, business logo, keepsake, etc.. Anything you love and have or could find a picture of, we can turn it into a shaped pillow.

How long does it take to get a pillow made?

The current production time is 5-7 business days.

Are the pillows soft?

Very! They're made from velevet polyester. They're double-sided and machine washable.

I have 3 images I can’t choose from? What do I do?

Well first, you could upload all 3 of them into the mockup generator and preview the shapes they would have as a pillows. If that doesn't help clarify which image to select, you can always reach out to our livechat team here and they can better assist you.