Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day just weeks away, you’ll want to make sure you have a gift ready to make your love and affection abundantly clear. However, this year, don’t wait until the very last minute to run out and purchase a gift. Make sure this year is mom's to remember. Here are our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. Pillow Of Mom’s Favorite Pet 

You can never go wrong with gifting a pillow of your mom’s favorite pet! Now with her pet in pillow form, she can take her beloved pet with her anywhere she goes. 

2. Face Pillow Of Mom’s Favorite Child


Moms don’t like to admit it, but we know they have a favorite child (a.k,a, you). Take the honor of being her favorite child and gift your mom a pillow of your face. We’re sure she’ll be crying tears of joy just at the sight of it — or crying because she’s laughing so hard at how ridiculously cute your gift is. This idea doubles for your grandma — don’t forget that she wishes she could see you more often too! 

3. Family Portrait Pillow


Remember all those family portraits you took growing up and now they’re just lying in an old photo album, or on your computer desktop collecting dust? Turn that family portrait into something more creative and useful than just a photo hidden in plain sight. Instead, turn it into a pillow that everyone can see and remember. Every day when your mom looks at the couch, she’ll smile at the sight of her new favorite throw pillow with her family on it.

4. Pillow Of Mom's Face

Moms don’t get enough credit for all the work they put into raising their kids and supporting their families. Show your appreciation loud and proud with a face pillow of your mom. This gesture will surely make her feel like the center of attention on Mother’s Day. As a bonus, the family will be reminded that mom is always watching...

5. Pillow Of Grandma and Mom 

While we normally focus on our own mother’s on Mother’s Day, don’t forget your mom is probably thinking of her own mom on this day! No matter where Grandma is, creating a pillow with her and her own daughter keeps their memories alive. Plus, you can gift them the same pillow so they’re matching!


Thanks for reading! No matter what you decide, we’re sure your Mom will love a hand-made and thoughtful custom pillow. Have a favorite pillow you've gifted for Mom in the past? Let us know in the comments what you got.

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