5 Things You Didn’t Know About All About Vibe
We think you’ll love these 5 little-known facts about All About Vibe!

1. Our founder Oleg started making pillows 5 years ago — with his Dad in their garage

All About Vibe has been a family business since day 1. No matter how big our operation gets, we still remember the hard work and love that Oleg and his dad put into every design and that keeps us inspired.
*Oleg's father is pictured in the photo above.

2. We have 5 office pets

Yep. You read that right. There’s Zoey the Frenchie, Ash the Scottish fold cat, Jackie the chameleon, Hammy the dwarf hamster, and Molly the umbrella cockatoo. It’s a big family, but we all work together in harmony. Get to personally meet each of our office pets.

Celebrities love our pillows

We’ve collaborated with and made pillows for some names like: Snoop Dogg, Henry Cejudo, Howie Mandel, DJ Pauly D, Michael Strahan, and more!

4. The longest pillow we’ve ever made was a 50 foot long snake!

50 feet of pillow is not easy, but we made it happen! When we say we can handle any pillow design you toss our way, we mean it. And this huuuuuuge snake pillow is our proof!

5. We’ve donated 50,000+ pillows to children across the country

Our mission is to bring smiles to each and every person who comes across our pillows. We've partnered with the Make-A-Wish foundation and we continue to coordinate donations to animal shelters on a local and national scale. Sharing joy and spreading smiles is our daily goal!