5 Fun Ways To Gift a Custom Pillow

Everyone loves getting a custom pillow, but when is a good time to give one as a gift? Let us take the guesswork out of the equation — follow our guide below for ideas on how to gift a custom pillow. With all the hard work out of the way, all you have to do now is find the perfect image for your next pillow.

1. Memorialize a Pet 

Losing a pet is never easy— understandably so because our pets are just like family. A heartfelt way to express your sympathy for someone mourning their loss is to gift a pillow in their pet’s memory. The sight of their precious pet will surely brighten their day during these tough times.

2. Gag Gift

Looking to surprise someone with a lighthearted and funny gag gift? Turn your hilarious ideas into a pillow for your next gift exchange or for that special someone on your list. As they say, laughter is the best medicine and we’re sure the pillow will be a hit with everyone!

3. Gift For Any Holiday or Occasion

No matter the holiday or occasion  from birthdays to Christmas, our pillows are an excellent way to up your gift-giving game. Even the pickiest person on your gift list couldn’t resist a pillow custom made for them! Surprise your partner with a portrait of you two on a square pillow for Valentine’s Day, or make a face pillow of your favorite student for their graduation. Say goodbye to boring gifts and hello to a one-of-a-kind pillow anyone will love.

4. Traveling

Sometimes life sends us on a journey away from home (and unfortunately, we can’t always bring our loved ones along for the ride). The next time your friend or family member will be out of town, consider gifting them a custom pillow of someone they’ll miss or their pet. And for the people staying back home, why don’t you send them a face pillow of the family member or friend who is off traveling? Whether a friend is on a business trip or your kid is about to head off to college, your loved ones will immediately feel less homesick with their custom pillow.

5. Memorabilia

Do you know someone who collects keepsakes? Then try transforming their favorite mementos into pillows (we make more than just pet and human pillows, you know)! Create a life-size version of their ticket stub from their favorite concert or create a throw pillow out of a nostalgic picture of years past. Get ready for everyone to be amazed by your thoughtful and fun gift!


Regardless of the occasion, giving someone a custom pillow is a foolproof way to winning the best-gift-giver of the year. Have you ever gifted or received a custom pillow? Share your stories and pictures with us below— we’d love to hear them!