New: Custom Portrait Pillow With Two Different Images on Each Side

We’re very excited to announce an option to now add two unique images to our custom portrait pillow. Choose your two favorite images, and create two pillows for the price of one! 

We listened to your feedback and created this to allow better customization for your giftable memories. Also, it makes a great gift to tell a story. See some of our favorite inspirations below:

Possible Two-Image Portrait Pillow Combinations:

1. Your 'Pupsformation': Upload an image of your pup showing their first day home, and what they look like now. 

2. Family Portrait: Wheather it's the annual family gathering, or a holiday get together, showcase all of your favorite people in your favorite events.

3. First Date/Anniversary: Have an image of your first date? Add that image, and on the back add a wedding photo to show the growth of your relationship over the years.

4. Kid to adult: From baby photos to teenage years and adulthood, it's a fun gift to remember the nostalgic times, and show a fun before and after. This is one of our favorite gifts for grandparents, who don't always see their grandkids often.

5. Your Favorite Instagram Photos: Have several IG photos that your favorite? Put on one each side.


Get started and create your very own two-image portrait pillow,  and see the two image portrait pillow for yourself!

If you have any suggestions or new features you'd like to see made, please let us know in the comments below!