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How Torie Was Able To Reconnect With Her Husband She Never Thought She'd See Again.

Help your loved ones reconnect with the ones they miss most.

Last year Torie's father suddenly passed away

Her mother missed him dearly. Torie found All About Vibes lifelike pillow, and turned her mothers favorite picture of her husband into a pillow.

She was filled with joy knowing it's something that she could hold everyday, and continue to see his face.

She said it's her new favorite pillow and it is the perfect size for her to snuggle with and lay her head on. It brought her mom so much joy during this tough season.

And, it's not just Torie's mother. Michael was able to be reconnect with his service dog.

Michael's service dog tragically passed away a month ago. He took it really hard because she was his shadow, and got him through alot of tough times.

So his fiance gifted him a pillow of his dog mimi to give him another chance to hold and hug his dog again.

Steven's mother was able to reconnect with her bird that passed away.

After 30 years of ownership, steven's mother was devastated after the loss of her companion. She missed it so dearly,  and cried everyday. 

Steven found a picture he took on his phone of the bird, and uploaded it online to get made as a pillow. He gifted it to his mother and she was in shock, crying in happiness. Now, she can sit on her couch with the pillow of her conure, and cuddle it like she used to do with her bird.

Vanessa helped her mother's fill the "If I could hug them one last time" wish

Vanessa's grandma passed suddenly in August 2021. This is the first Mother's Day with out her, making it extra hard on her Mom to be without her mom.

Her mother had a hard time letting go that her mother has passed away. This pillow has been a great replacement to fill the "If I could hug them one last time" wish.

For now "the pillow," sits upstairs in my mothers room. When they have birthdays or other family gatherings, they will bring the pillow down to feel as if she is there with them.

How Ordering a Custom Pillow Works

Find a picture of something they love.

Pictures can be found in your phones camera roll, desktop, facebook, instagram, we can even turn physical photos into pillows. Just take a picture of the phyical photo, and we'll crop out the subject of your choice.

Upload the picture and see exactly how it would look as a pillow.

After your photo is decided, upload it, and within 5 seconds you'll get an instant preview of a general idea of how your pillow would be shaped, as well as the different sizes that are offered. Upload as many photos until you find the one of your liking.

Gift it!

When you place your order we'll ship the pillow right to your door and ready to be gifted.

Each pillow is handmade and shipped from Chicago, IL, within 3-5 business days.

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