Tina's Story

See how Tina surprised her daughter with a back-to-school gift she'll never forget.

Q: What was the reason for purchasing the pillow?

A: She had just moved into her dorm days before. She's attending school 1000 miles from home and at move in had already commented how much she missed her dogs. She had no idea I'd ordered these for her.

Q: What was the reaction like when the pillow was first seen?

A: Delighted surprise

Q: Can you describe the impact the pillow has brought after it was been gifted?

A: It's a comforting piece of home.  

Q: Would you recommend our custom pillows? And why?

A: Love that they're shaped and really capture a beloved pet perfectly. Shipping was also super quick!

Create Your Own Pillow

Know someone moving away to college for the upcoming semester? Send them a lifelike looking pillow of the things they’ll miss most, such as family pet or family member.