Sandy's Story

See how Sandy was with a gift she'll never forget.

Q: What was the reason for purchasing the pillow?

A: The little pup, Ivy, the black one in the purple costume, came in her life at the perfect time! She helped get her through the passing of her husband. But, unfortunately, Ivy passed away after fulfilling her purpose just a few years later. Willow, the blonde puppy, has now entered her life to help bring her joy again.

Q: What was the reaction like when the pillow was first seen?

A:  We were all in tears when she saw it. I was so excited to surprise her with it.

Q: Can you describe the impact the pillow has brought after it was been gifted?

A: She can be reminded of her sweet dog that passed away and flip it over to see her new puppy.

Create Your Own Pillow

Know someone who misses they pup? Create a lifelike custom pillow to surprise them with.