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"If you tend to experience the bittersweet pangs of homesickness when traveling, consider bringing an extra piece of your heart along with you on your next road trip."

"When you have a moment of homesickness (or just missing that little furball), you will get unspeakable comfort from snuggling this ultra-realistic dog- or cat-shaped pillow."

"A super soft double-sided lifelike pillow of your cute pet — whether it's a cat, dog, fish, or bunny — or even your favorite human to cuddle with if the real one refuses to"

"Know someone who can't get enough of their pooch? Get them a pillow clone of their favorite dog. "

"Sure to make the perfect comfy resting place for curling up with your favorite book or Christmas movie."

"Show me a more iconic duo than your dog and a pillow that looks like your dog. I'll wait."

"LifeLike Pillows will turn your pet, friend, favorite food, or anything else, into a 100% custom-shaped pillow!"

"Show your Valentine you know what they love with a custom pillow from All About Vibe. Whether that’s a pet, a person, a car or anything else, they can turn it into a handmade pillow that’s made to last."