Linda's Story

See how Linda surprised her daughter with a gift she'll never forget.

Q: What was the reason for purchasing the pillow?

A: My daughter Kate just moved to DC after graduating from Berkeley and was missing our family, but especially our large Labradoodle Steve. This was my way of giving her a little bit a family out in Washington DC

Q: What was the reaction like when the pillow was first seen?

A: Tears of joy, giggling laughter, total surprise and a huge appreciation

Q: Can you describe the impact the pillow has brought after it was been gifted?

A: This pillow has served as a staple as well as a conversation piece in her apartment in DC. It brings her comfort and joy. On another note, we tragically lost our dog 4 weeks after she received the pillow, so it is a sweet memory and a comfort of a major loss in our family. 

Create Your Own Pillow

Know someone who moved away to college? Send them a lifelike looking pillow of the things they’ll miss most, such as family pet or family member.