Gift Ideas For Kids

Give them a thoughtful personalized gift that’s also affordable and memorable.

1. Custom pillow of favorite pet

Turn their furry best friend into a custom shaped pillow. This is the perfect gift for kids who love their pets and always want to be with them. It's comfy and easy to take with to sleepovers, playdates, and school.

2. Custom pillow of favorite hero

You can make your kids dreams come true by turning their favorite superheroes and powerful characters into custom shaped pillows. They’ll be able to interact, play, and live a heroes life style.

3. Custom pillow of favorite character

Gift your kid custom pillows of their favorite character. They make for amazing decoration, and its a super cool gift to show off to friends.

4. Custom pillow of family

It's the perfect gift for kids whose parents work long hours, or whose grandparent they don’t get to see very much. They’ll always be reminded how much they’re loved and the true meaning of family.

5. Custom pillow of favorite cartoon character

Bring their favorite cartoon characters to life with custom shape pillows. Gift them huggable pillows of their favorite characters that they can interact and play will all day long.

6. Take your Kids Room to the Next Level

Take your kids room to the next level with castles, dragons, carriages and all their favorite things. They will love the new look and will spend hours building the coolest forts.