Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up. Create a made-to-order pillow, that's unique, personal, and a gift unlike something he's seen before.

Time to celebrate the dads in our lives. If you're looking for a gift for your dad, we've got you covered. Check out our list of the best gifts for your dad on Father's Day. From sentimental gifts to funny finds, we've got something for every kind of dad.

From the handy dad, sports dad, girl dad, or hard to shop for dad. We can help you get a personalized and affordable gift.

Pillow Of His Favorite Athlete or Sports Team.

Is your father a die-hard sports fan?  Celebrate Father's Day by surprising him with a customized pillow of his favorite player, whether it's from the NBA, NFL, or any other major sport.

Pillow Of His Favorite Cook Or Dish

Any father who loves to cook or eat, will find this idea hilarious.  Customize a dish he won't stop bragging about to his Facebook friends, or send him a gag gift of his favorite chef or utensil.

Pillow For A Father Who Loves To Workout

He is a fitness enthusiast? Surprise him with a unique pillow of his favorite gym equipment that he loves. 

Pillow Of His Favorite Family Photo

Surprise him with a custom-made pillow of this children, or favorite family group picture.

Pillow Of His Favorite 
Facial Expression

Every parents have their own expressions. You will know immediately what's the meaning of that expression. Do you have any favorite expression of your father? Will make it a pillow for you. Just capture it on a photo and send to us for your unique surprise.

Daddy's Girl Pillow

Is he a girl dad? Surprise him with a pillow of him and his daughter.

Pillow Of His Favorite 

This idea is the perfect gift for a father who loves his pet, or lost a pet and wishes he can hug it again. We've made pillows of every animal imaginable (dogs, cats, exotic pets, etc...)