Meet The Pets at LifeLike Pillows

Have you ever wondered who helps bring your custom pillow to life? If so, then meet our team of talented and diverse office pets. From French Bulldogs to Chameleons, we aren't just home to custom shaped pillows, but also a fun and loving group of friendly (and hungry) animals.

We're proud to be a pet-friendly office and encourage our employees to bring in their pets for a visit. Our pets have a way of brightening our workdays, and we can’t wait to introduce them to you!

Zoey (French Bulldog)

Nickname: “The Most Productive”

Favorite Food: Leftovers

Zoey is a Blue French bulldog who never forgets to greet everyone each morning. She claims that in order to do her best work, she needs at least five naps a day.

Ash (Scottish Fold) 

Nickname: “The Ninja”

Favorite Food: Fish

Ash is a Scottish Fold cat and usually works from home. Every so often he visits the office to see his best friend, Sushi. It’s rumored that he loves cuddles.

Sushi (Betta Fish) 

Nickname = “The Athlete”

Favorite Food: Brine shrimp

Sushi is a betta fish and lives life to the fullest. Each morning she swims laps across her fish tank to get her exercise in (she’s very passionate about fitness).

Jackie (Chameleon) 

Nickname = “The Spy”

Favorite Food: Crickets

Jackie is a chameleon and the newest addition to our team. With her two eyes looking in all different directions, you can’t get anything past her. Although if you slip her a cricket, she might be willing to look the other way. Donations are always welcome! 

Hammy (Dwarf Hamster)

Nickname = “The Hungry One”

Favorite Food: Bok Choy

Hammy is a Dwarf hamster with a big personality. She usually roams the office in her blue hamster ball and but eventually wants to upgrade to a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT.

Molly (Umbrella Cockatoo)

Nickname = “The Alarm”

Favorite Food: Nuts

Molly is an umbrella cockatoo who acts more like a dog than a bird. Her favorite song to play on Alexa is "Despacito".


We hope this sheds some light on some of our hardest-working (pet) employees. Now tell us is your work pet-friendly? Do you like to bring your pet to work? And if not, would you bring in your pet if you had the option? Share your thoughts and/or pictures with us. We’d love to know!